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Selected Lab Publications

An, J., Ribeiro, R.C.J., Webb, P. Gustafsson, J. A., Lomri, N., Kushner,  P. J., Baxter, J. D., and D. C. Leitman.  Estradiol repression of tumor necrosis factor-a transcription requires estrogen receptor function-2 and is enhanced by coactivators. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA 96:15161-15166, 1999.

An, J., Tzagarakis-Foster, C. Scharschmidt, T. C., Lomri, N., and D. C. Leitman.  Estrogen receptor b selective transcriptional activity and coregulator recruitment by phytoestrogens. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276:17808-17814, 2001.

Tzagarakis-Foster, C., Geleziunas, R., Lomri, A., An, J., and D. C. Leitman. Estradiol represses human T-cell leukemia virus type I tax activation of tumor necrosis factor-a gene transcription.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 277:44772-44777, 2002.

Paruthiyil, S., Parmar,H., Kerekatte, V. Cunha,G. R., Firestone, G. L and D. C. Leitman. Estrogen receptor b inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and tumor formation by causing a G2 cell cycle arrest. Cancer Research, 64:423-428, 2004.

Tee, M. K., Rogatsky, I., Tzagarakis-Foster, C., Cvoro, A., An, J., Christy, R. J., Yamamoto, K. R. and D. C. Leitman. Estradiol and selective estrogen receptor modulators differentially regulate target genes by estrogen receptor a and b. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 15:1262-1272, 2004.

Cvoro, A., Tzagarakis-Foster, C., Tatomer, D., Paruthiyil, S. Fox .M and D. C. Leitman.  Distinct roles of unliganded and liganded estrogen receptors in transcriptional repression. Molecular Cell 21, 555–564, 2006.

Cvoro, A., Paruthiyil, S.,Jones, J., Tzagarakis-Foster, C., Clegg, N. J., Tatomer, D., Medina, R. T. Tagliaferri, M., Schaufele, F., Scanlan, T. S., Diamond, M. I., and D. C. Leitman. Selective Activation of Estrogen Receptor b Transcriptional Pathways by an Herbal Extract Used to Treat Hot Flashes. Endocrinology 148:538-547, 2007.

Levy, N., Zhao, X.,Tang, H., Jaffe, R.B., Speed, T. P. and D. C. Leitman. Multiple transcription factor elements collaborate with ERa to mediate transcriptional activation by estradiol and SERMs. Endocrinology 148:3449-3558, 2007.

Levy, N. Tatomer, D., Herber, C.B., Zhao, X.,Tang, H., Sargeant, T, Ball, L., Summers, J., Speed, T. P. and Dale C. Leitman. Estradiol and selective estrogen receptor modulators differentially regulate native estrogen receptor regulatory elements with ERa and ERb. Molecular Endocrinology, 22:287-303, 2008.

Cvoro A, Tatomer, D., Tee M-K., Zogovic, T. Harris H. A., and D. C. Leitman. Selective Estrogen Receptor-b Agonists Repress Transcription of Proinflammatory Genes. Journal of Immunology, 180: 630–636, 2008.

Mersereau, J. E., Levy, N., Staub, R. E., Baggett, S., Zogovic, T., Chow, S., Ricke, W. A., Tagliaferri, M., Cohen, I., Bjeldanes L. F., and D. C. Leitman. Liquiritigenin is a Plant-derived Highly Selective Estrogen Receptor b Agonist. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 283:49-57 2008.

Ball, L. J., Levy, N., Zhao, X., Griffin, C, Tagliaferri, M., Cohen, I., Ricke, W. A, Speed, T. P.,  Firestone, G. L. and D. C. Leitman., Cell type- and estrogen receptor-subtype specific regulation of selective estrogen receptor modulator regulatory elements, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 299:204-11, 2009.